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  • To promote cultural diversity in the LGBTQ culture in hopes to build stronger allegiance between our communities in an effort to curb antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, transphobia, and homophobia.


  • To create safe environments that to foster greater community, understanding, and tolerance. All community members are welcome, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or occupation


  • To increase networking and communication among community organizations, which in turn will create greater community involvement aid in encouraging a more diverse community.


  • To provide education regarding issues that impact the local and international LGBTQ community. We recognize that forces such as racism, antisemitism, transphobia, and sexism have adverse impacts on our community and seek to redress all such inequities


  • To encourage better recognition by community organizations of specialized community needs. Focusing on marginalized community members, we encourage greater inclusivity and education. Israeli newcomers need to be engaged and LGBTQ individuals need to feel welcome at any event, be they secular or religious.

  • To provide safe spaces for community members to celebrate religious and cultural activities free of judgement.

  • To provide assistance to community members in need. Be'TLV provides a safe space for LGBTQ individuals in crisis with emergency short term room and board until they are able to secure a sustainable, long term solution.





















At Be'TLV, everyone is welcome! We encourage our allies in the Jewish community to come out and physically show they that they support equal rights, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. This we believe will help foster greater understanding and cooperation between the LGBTQ and Jewish communities within Winnipeg. Let's not forget, we're also here to have fun!



Be'TLV is a registered Not-For-Profit organization that works with the Winnipeg LGBTQIA and Jewish communities to promote cultural diversity, promote tolerance, and empower under-represented community members through fun, safe, and inclusive events.


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