The crew from Be'TLV began with a group of LGBTQ* Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi descent, and their allies. It has since evolved into a multicultural organization with a diverse staff of various gender, religious, ethnic, and racial identities. This allows us unique insight into numerous communities and strengthens our resolve to promote multiculturalism and diversity in the Winnipeg LGBTQ community. Each member of our team brings something unique to the group,


Our events promote a positive image of Israeli artists and culture. Through music and dance, we seek to transport our guests to the most gay friendly city in the world, Tel Aviv.

Between 2017 to present, Be’TLV has helped us provide educational, cultural events and entertainment for a combined audience of over thousands of people within the Jewish and LGBTQ communities. During the 2019 Be'TLV took part in, or organized events in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, and Toronto. This has allowed us to spread the Middle Eastern Culture and provide services to LGBTQ2IA Jews across Canada 

At Be'TLV, everyone is welcome! We encourage our allies in the Jewish community to come out and physically show they that they support equal rights, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. This we believe will help foster greater understanding and cooperation between the LGBTQ and Jewish communities within Winnipeg. Let's not forget, we're also here to have fun!


Be'TLV also works with other community organizations to help create programming outside of club events. These events promote support for our local communities, advocacy and education. Contact us for information as to how you can get more involved in community programs.

Established 2016 | Formerly known as Chofshi |

Be'TLV is a registered Not-For-Profit organization who's volunteers work with the LGBTQ2IA and Jewish communities to provide community services, provide LGBTQ2IA inclusive religious observances, and to promote cultural diversity, promote tolerance, and empower under-represented community members.



CRA: 771387883RT0001